This wasn’t my plan

This wasn’t my plan. That thought has crossed my mind more than once or twice this past week. Month. Year. Amidst the overwhelming joy and peace and contentment I feel–of course there’s the chaos that comes. Yesterday I was involved in an email thread discussing my step-daughter’s swim lessons (a normal subject, right? Wrong. Not … More This wasn’t my plan

To the one who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less

To the girl who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less, You’re only three—so obviously you won’t be reading this. Yet. But I hope that when you’re old enough you’ll read this letter. Because it’s just for you. And through changes, the years, and possibly even new brothers or sisters, it’ll never be exactly like … More To the one who makes Mother’s Day hurt a little less

The way we rise

It’s hard being a woman among other women. Recently—it’s been on my mind a lot for lots of different reasons. If you’re a woman—you know exactly what I mean without any explanation needed. I’ve struggled with it my entire life. It only takes a second for your confidence to get bruised when you see that … More The way we rise