Hi guys! I’m Kayla Scofield.

I’m a Washington native with a great love for the Pacific northwest and I have a great love for the rain, the ocean, and the mountain range┬áthat I’m lucky enough to see out my window every single day.

I am a photographer at my own business, a promotions director at a local radio station, and a writer. And since finding my amazing husband, I gained an incredible package deal along with him and became a second mom on top of it all to a darling little girl named Mia. It’s only because of her that play dough, tea parties, Princess Sophia, and bubbles at bath time rank even higher in my book than pictures, words, and sunshine now.

I’ve been blogging since 2012 and writing since I was 5, absolutely impassioned by people, their stories, and the way in which we’re all connected as fellow travelers in this life. I can’t wait to hear YOUR story and to connect.